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Breakfast Menu

At breakfast, you feel as if you're part of the hush before the bustle of what will surely crescendo over the course of the day - business lunches, romantic trysts, solitary readers, escaping their corporate identities, end-of-year gatherings. Syracuse is spacious, and all around is the comforting paraphernalia of wine.

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Soy cured king salmon with sesame milk plus basil oil (made in house, may we add) and buckwheat has just been added to the menu

Our Wine

Wine, it’s just fermented fruit in a bottle isn’t it, so why do we get so excited about it?

Is it a fond memory that takes us back with each taste? Is it the 5 taste sensations that get triggered with each different wine? Is it the terroir of your favourite region or is it experiencing something new?

What I have strived to create is a list to cover all these quims and more. I have explored the far reaches of the world to open you up to something new without forgetting the classics. I have some of the best up and comers mixed with exciting hidden gems and benchmarks.

The pursuit never ends and neither do the memories.

- Patrick Berry

Due to the nature of large wine lists, some items may not be currently in stock, however, we will be more than happy to find an alternative bottle for your enjoyment.

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